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General Information

General Information

After our first visit to South Africa in 2007, we fell in love with the country and felt God calling us to bring his word. The poverty here just breaks your heart, especially for the children. We found many people in South Africa, hungry for the word of God, and wanted to minister to them body and soul. Our permanent move was in February 2008.

Our work takes place in Limpopo province between the towns of Vaalwater and Lephalale. There are a lot of orphaned, abandoned and abused children in this country. When we arrived, there was no children’s home in this area; yet there are many instances of young children who are head of household because of AIDS. Our goal is to rear up a new moral generation. We want these children to know our love and God’s love, and want to ensure they get a good education leading to a better future than they are facing now.

Prior to opening the children’s home, we did a lot of networking, as well as visiting other children’s homes to discover best practices, so we could develop a home that would offer the best outcome for the children. We found a wonderful 81-acre piece of property away from the towns, and signed a contract to purchase it for the children’s home in June 2009. We got the title deed April 2010, at which time building started on the property.

'The Fold, SA Children’s Home', was established as a non-profit organization in South Africa which allows for tax deductible donation from South African citizens. The Fold's board consists of eight members who all have a heart for orphans. We've also obtained a tax free status, which means more of every dollar donated goes directly to help the children. The Fold was registered by the Department of Social Development as a Private Hostel in 2015.

Our first child came to live with us in September 2010. As of January 2018, we have 32 children on the property. We have four homes currently running with a vision to have 6 – 8 homes. 

The changes in these children since they first arrived has been nothing short of amazing. We read the children a bible story in the evenings just after dinner. This is the best part of our day. Not only are they interacting with good questions, but we get lots of hugs and kisses afterwards. Our goal is to see these children become successful members of society and someday create a loving, supportive family environment for their own children.

The Fold is still growing. In addition to growing in size to save more children, we have opened our own school on the property. Education and opportunity are paramount in breaking the cycle these children were born into. As more resources become available, we'll need teachers, administrators, and maintenance type workers of all kinds (electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc). As we grow, so will the workload.

We have been blessed by many visitors who have made their stay a working vacation, and helped with all types of work including electric, construction, sewing, teaching and playing with the children, clearing bush, working in the garden, and many other items on our 'To Do' list. It's been a great benefit to have visitors spend time and share their love with the children. It also gives us time to work on other needed activities.

As of March 2020 Paul and Micky are no longer living at The Fold, due to health issues. But they have left The Fold in the hands of New Road Missions, and they are doing an awesome job. As of 2023 there is a new couple who are South African overseeing the running of The Fold. There is a two year expansion plan in the works, to expand The Fold to 100 children. Paul and Micky still visit once a year to see the children and help out where they can.

If you are interested in visiting The Fold to help out in any way, long term or short term, or just help financially, you can get information from their website:


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