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Below are links to our partner and associates in ministry. We are happy to have these organizations working with us. Please take time to visit their web sites and learn how we work in cooperation with them and how all of us benefit by a coordinated joint effort.

The Fold

The Fold exists to provide refuge to children in need, by investing love.
Click on the logo on the right to be taken to our other web site:

The Fold


Emmanuel Homes is a home started by Ivy Hammond. Unfortunately Ivy has passed away this year (2019). She was dedicated to taking in street children between the ages of 14 and 20.  She was an incredible woman with enough stamina to keep up with the teens, and enough love to see them through a difficult time of life.  These children have worked with us and A World Aware in projects regularly through the years. We have hosted their camps several times and always appreciate the help they bring in service. We hope they continue.  See their web site here, or click on logo at right.

Emmanuel Homes

Aletheia International Mission
Aletheia International Mission is a non profit organization started by Stuart and Marilyn Cook.  They have been serving South Africa as missionaries for over 45 years.  Check their web site here:

A World Aware, Inc.

A World Aware/South Africa (AWA) is a self standing international NPO (060412) and PBO. The Fold has worked in cooperation with AWA on several types of projects and we benefit in several ways from their partnership. Please visit their web site ( see how our working together meets the needs of people in South Africa.
AWA exists to educate, empower and encourage, especially as related to pre-school children.







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